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Werewolves chat rooms

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Werewolf is a roleplaying event popularized on the heRO server, based on the game Mafia with more of a fantasy theme. There is no killing involved not PvP nor PvM, anywayso you don't have to be a certain level to !

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During the night time, the host opens a chatroom whose title will indicate who should. It's no fun having to werewolvee the rules and how the roles work every game, trust us.

If so, you'll need access to the Werewolf subforum. What is Windfall? The Rogue The Rogue is currently under construction. The villagers are trying to figure out who is one of the monsters, the werewolves, and the wolves wear placid masks of normalcy, pretending to be villagers while trying to throw suspicion onto the innocent all while making their job much easier.

If we catch you RPing in other public rooms, you will be asked to go to the RP areas. Who will be saved?

Werewolf chat rooms - what's out there? - sklep f

Either way, their deeds will be laid bare before the people to take of it what they will, and it will be either in high spirits or heavy hearts that the villagers go to their homes as the sun sets. It's typically best to ask your current rooks about anything, although they may have it posted on the forums. Can I role-play RP here? The Idiot The Idiot, being such serewolves simple man, will reveal his role to the other players when the noose is slipped around his neck.

Chat rooms - those who wish to become werewolves

Please keep roleplay in those rooms, via whisper or in private rooms with the room owner's permission. ALL of these roles are only active during the night phase, except for the "chief," which is more of a secondary role than anything. The rest of the day is spent with discussion among those who remain. No talking werdwolves you are dead.

However, the Alchemist only has one of each potion, and as such, can only use them once each. Once the Lovers have been chosen, qerewolves are both PMed.

There are currently five rooms deated specifically for RP. We need your help in order to find all of the bugs and problems with Windfall so that Underdog can fix them. The Chief is supposed to orient the conversations and guide his people to finding werewoles Wolves unless, of course, they themselves are a wolf.

However, since their s are so low, they win with the Villagers when the Wolves are killed The Seer The Seer is a highly valued commodity, werewooves they alone can see the innocent from the sinners, even though they are mere villagers. If you've been directed here by another player, then no wonder! There's a lot to explain.

It is only after their death that their role becomes apparent, either by physical manifestation such as in wolves or by searching their home. Use the Potion of Death to kill someone else.

Werewolf The of these foul beasts typically range from two to five, depending on the of participants. The First Day Turn How the first day works depends on the host.

The Chief normally gets two votes when hanging time comes around, and if there is a tie, their choice prevails. The goal of the Lovers is to survive to the end of the game, regardless of their respective roles, and let love prevail!

Bringer of love, weaver of fate. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask the host or other players- just don't ask them anything that might give you away!

I found a bug something that doesn't work. Mind that anyone can claim to be the Seer, however, including wolves; meaning they can "reveal" anything they please. It is at night that the special classes will leave their homes and work wereeolves they will upon the helpless and hapless villagers- for better or worse. They announce day and night and when it's time to vote. Your speech will appear in an on-screen text log as well as in a small speech bubble above your avatar's head.

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Will remain here for future reference. Well, perhaps not everything, though the players should definitely be. Primary Roles These roles are in almost every game, and play a vital part in how the game works. They are the innocent, and are considered the protagonists.