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Introduction There have always been homeless people in the United States.

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Green, editor;and S.

Jefferson City, Mo. In regard to education, 82 percent were high school graduates.

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American Journal of Public Health 75 mwet A study of men living on Chicago's skid row revealed an annual death rate of 70 per 1, in contrast to the national death rate for white men of 11 per 1, Bogue, Tucker, W. Characteristics of Homeless People Homeless people are a diverse and varied group in terms of age, ethnicity, family circumstances, and health problems.

Conference of Mayors,of whom 55 percent are children Barbanel,then singled minimum ofchildren are homeless on any given night of the year.

To quote Reverend Leonard A. Used a questionnaire and an IBM to match 49 men and 49 women. The vast majority of homeless families are headed by women, but the percentages vary by region.

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Boston: University of Massachusetts. Errera, L. In press. As the increases, so do the complexities of the homelessness problem: Why do people become homeless? Prepared under Grant no. MacFarlane, R. In55 percent of the homeless population in that city were high school graduates Rossi et al.

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Leavitt, editor. Shaffer, D.

Except for the Ohio and Vermont reports, which included both urban and nonurban areas, very little has been published on the homeless in suburban and rural communities—xcept in newspapers Washington Post, September 27, ; New York Times, October 16, The San Francisco study reported that 45 percent suffered from alcohol abuse 19 percent reporting severe alcohol problems and 23 percent from drug singlee.

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Washington, D. However, during a site visit to San Diego, committee members were informed by both public officials and advocates for the homeless that San Diego's adult homeless male population was composed largely of young meeet from the West singlees Midwest who had come to the Southwest in search of jobs.

What strategies must be developed to address the long-term issues involved with this problem? New York: McGraw-Hill. Homeless Elderly People The percentage of elderly people among the homeless population is less than that among the general population. Bingham, editor;R.

A majority of families had been doubled up in overcrowded apartments with friends or relatives, while some had ly resided in other shelters or welfare hotels Bassuk et al. Heath, Lexington Books. Swords to Plowshares. New findings on homeless families.

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Ryback, R. Phillips, and V. Lansing: Michigan Department of Mental Health.

Characteristics of sheltered homeless families. Which interventions can be used to prevent sijgles resolve the state of homelessness? Homeless families that include both parents appear to be more common in rural areas than in urban areas see Appendix C.

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A Massachusetts study indicated that long-term AFDC users those receiving benefits for longer than 2 years are overrepresented among homeless families Bassuk et al. Shapiro, J.

Each study identified running away not so much as an event but as a process; adolescents leave home several times each successive incident being of longer duration than the ones before actually living on the streets. The program is targeted specifically to mentally ill homeless veterans and therefore does not present a valid sample of all homeless veteransbut it is both the most recent research on homeless veterans and the most geographically comprehensive.

Conanan, editor;A.

Journal of Child and Youth Services. Brown, C.

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Solarz, A. For all these reasons, the various studies cannot be easily compared or generalized.

Bureau of the Census. Janus, M. Housing and Homelessness.

In addition to its site visits, the committee reviewed three recent studies of runaway and throwaway youths: the Greater Boston Adolescent Emergency Network GBAEN sigles of 84 adolescents using 11 shelters throughout Massachussetts; the study of adolescents in 7 shelters in New York City completed by David Shaffer and Carol L. These people frequently perform unskilled labor; are on the bottom rung of the economic ladder; and often lack job security, health insurance, and the skills necessary to succeed in a high-tech economy.

Conference of Mayors in 25 representative cities in each of the past 2 years identified no city in which the s were falling; most cities reported annual increases of 15 to 50 percent U.