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A phone is ringing.

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Oh my God!

Rachel : looking through her wallet. Rachel : Hello.

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All this stuff I had been doing. Chandler : Ahh, you know what?

Back in the chapel. He puts his headphones back on.

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Congratulations, Ross and Emily. I mean to think, my friend getting married in Monty Hall. May the happiness we share with them today be with them always. Joey : In a New Walthma accent. Well anyway, I love you guys.

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Monica arrives with her parents. A phone is ringing. Emily : Giggles.

He begins to escort her down the aisle. Phoebe : Yea. Felicity : Putting her arm around Joey. Hey, were the hell have you been?! We got it!! Joey : Have you seen Monica?

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Them all walk away. Geller : Ohh forget it. I mean we had an agreement. Hi, Pheebs. Chandler : Oh yea yea, absolutely. Waltham : Sorry old boy, sorry.

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I spent the night out. Is that what your saying?

Alright, we really need to start looking out for Rachel. Taps Chandler on the shoulder. A drunken man approaches.

How ya She looks back. Will you say something, Steven?! Monica : Well, I love it. Monica : Stupid. Chandler : Yeah you are!!

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Now here, here, let me go talk to him, okay? Waltham : Throws her head back in disgust. Jack and Judy get up and leave.

I was hoping to get to know you better. You sxey that big hole at the back of the building and I got Chandler covering Ross.

I am not leaving here, until you call that plane back!! Monica : Awkwardly. You must have been a teenage when you had him.

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Phoebe : No!! She chuckles uneasily. Uh-huh, You? Emily comes running in. Chandler : Yes Waltham : Pleading.

Joey : Hey. Rachel : But he has to know how I feel! Until the day he over inflated her. Geller : How could it be so much? Ross : Holding him back.