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Religion debate chat room

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What can we do to make this course better and why do you think so? As I metnioned many times a chat room would be a very good idea. Students could meet at least once a week to participate in the class more actively. Thanks to that, a given material would be covered in much shorter time interval. Part 1: What did you like best about this course? The most exciting part of this course was the ability to participate in class without being afraid to be laughed at.

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Religion and culture are interwoven. Both were good, but at times, did not blend well. Part 1: What did you like best about this course? I really enjoyed learning about all the different religions.

reljgion The people that participated did so because of their own strong feelings about religion. You are a very good professor. So I believe that everything is doable only when one wants to do that. Some religions had more than enough information. I feel that the quantity of work was a lot, but I also feel that if you were to cut down on the workload, the student will not get a full understanding of the course contents.

I think that there is no way to improve the quality and participation in this course, because people will do what they want to do. Hence, if you want to post to the Islamic newsgroup soc.

The most reading was the very first module where we covered every religion. What other suggestions, comments, or recommendations would you have for the instructor?

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The same thing occurs in a live classroom. The pace of the class, i. I think that is unfair, since both schools are part of the C. I feel that the instructor participated enough. FAQs are available for both soc. Most of the interaction was between the students themselves, with the professor throwing things in as he saw necessary.

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Search the web to find the FAQs of other newsgroups. I always learn better when the material is broken into small parts.

The thing that I liked the most about this course was the interaction. But overall, I think that we had ample time to do the asments, but it was very easy to fall behind. That too, allows for debate without people getting loud and angry.

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Not just the interaction between people but also the type of interaction. The answers should be obvious to the students that read the textbook. I would not make any changes. I learned a lot about how I think as well as how others do too. How could the course be improved in terms of my interaction, participation, and management of the course?

I have a sister that goes to another school that has blackboard, when I told her of the class and how it works, she found it to be well. The online textbook could use a little improvement in some areas. debaet

Religion chat

It is fine to require posting, but a response should be optional. I believe the professor should ask more questions in the discussions board, so we can have a better understanding of the topics of discussion. To improve the quality of the discussions, you would need to make sure that the participants do not stray away from a philosophical perspective. Questions and statements allowed as far as they are relevant to the "History of Islam.

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I think that there was no problem religoin this category. I become obsessed, trying to show that I am right, and all of my focus was on one debate while others already moved on, debating elsewhere before that section was open. I do not believe that the structure or cebate of the course should be changed. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this course.

Part 4: What changes would you suggest be made to the pacing or sequence of the content and activities for this course?

I feel that the learning activities debare deed well. Other than that, the structure of the course is fine: the discussion boards are good.

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I disagree with them totally. The sequence of the course material made sense. I think that most of the due dates for the asments were very doable; some I felt were too short. I do understand that there may be conflicts with schedules, but I would say if maybe on your part you log onto blackboard twice a day, half an hour each to help in the discussions.

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If you want, you can also count that as class attendance. In order to have good and meaningful discussions you have to have dedicated and willing students. I hope that QCC stays with this program. Definetely more participation from the teacher means better in students thinking. The only suggestion that I have is that there should be a required time once a week for all students and the instructor to be online at the same time so we could ask any questions that we had and get them answered prompt and accurate.

I would not change too much, myself. The first link above, through your local newsserver should be the normal way to go. It was not hard for me to finish the work on time. What did you like best about this course?