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Just chat and maybe vancouver washington

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What, specifically, do you think SBA needs to do to make that program successful?

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Scalable companies typically have greater capital needs and often require some form of intellectual property protection. Do you think this is about not having enough lenders in the area? Though the foundation to serve Southwest Washington companies is strong, there's likely an opportunity for both regional entrepreneurial networks and traditional lending institutions to better serve our startup companies. Most of those individuals focus on SBA lending.

In fact, even worse, some performing washingron of credit were pulled right out from under small businesses. But we've got the meeting space, and we've got the office space to be able to coordinate and set something up like that. I wish to thank Chairman Cantwell and members of the committee for holding your field hearing today here in Vancouver.

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This template's getting uglified by having just so many cities in there. Shortly thereafter, we all know what happened. Serving Clark County sincethe CREDC is a private- public partnership of about investors and strategic partners working together to advance the economic vitality of Clark County through business growth and innovation.

Present: Senator Cantwell presiding. In both roles, I have the honor of seeing firsthand what business owners experience every day. How about Issaquah? So I want to thank all the witnesses for your testimony today and your willingness to be here. This doesn't help people find large cities easily. They have an average of 25 years washongton experience with SBA.

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Without access to small business lending, we would not have been eashington to do any of this. If you step outside the building here, you see all the renewal going on in downtown Vancouver. Just wondering I told her she'd better have her phone ready. As stated above, I think it is culturally considered more a "city" than a "region" and it doesn't match at all with the other "regions" in the Washington template.

How many small business owners can break away at washimgton

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Tri-Cities just doesn't fit. We talked a little bit about collateral here, and that's the great virtue of SBA lending.

I also want to thank the entire Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship for their work and dedication to assisting small businesses and the opportunity to provide testimony on behalf of CREDC and the business community. Our major roadblock, however, was that we had no money. So jusg are looking forward to seeing that happen. We feel it would be a great thing for us, because, again, we've got people in these vqncouver communities.

That's a good example.

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So I think if we could just have as everything is 10 percent down, I think that would help a lot of businesses in this economy. That's the public's conception of his name. Well, we're about out of time. So is there a way, I guess, that there's--you need funds that you can qualify for if you're one of these organizations that, you know, are out to do more for the community other than just have their business housed there, that are working in communities and creating jobs and increasing environmental benefits and things like that.

I implemented option 1 for now, which seems to have broad support. Your argument supports presenting an article in its popular form based off of a misconception instead of its factual reality as a region, this does not enhance an encyclopedia. So we finally got our first loan last February. Thank you very much for your testimony.

Any thoughts from lenders juet that? Thank you very much. They are measuring other forms of impact that our business has on our community. I noticed this was attempted recently, but was reverted, so I thought I would be proactive and start a thread here to avoid an edit war. Banks are advertising opportunities now, and we've heard the credit market for small business is opening up.

Not good.

Civil rights groups battle denial, inaction in southwest washington

So that's chwt reason I said evangelical, because it is helpful to have many banks talking about it as a product in the marketplace. After all, it's the size of a car loan. I want us to grow small businesses. We benefited from one of these loans, thanks to people in our network.

The Committee met, pursuant to notice, at a. I want to thank--with us today is Nancy Porzio, who is the Small Business Acting Administrator for this region and came down from Seattle. Does this work for everyone?

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And we appreciate the outreach they've done to connect with our small washhington. Contreras-Sweet ly ran a community bank in California and focused on access to capital to minority communities--a great success there. In my opinion, we are literally the epitome of the American dream realized. We heard about Craft3, a Southwest Washington Community Development Finance Institution, through a friend and found that we were a clear fit amd an aligned mission.

This would be in getting the lenders more engaged as part of the information for the business community.