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Sports and leisure facilities and cultural venues across Aberdeenshire will close vating 2pm on December 24 until at least January The only exceptions are Aberdeenshire's two all-weather outdoor ski facilities, Huntly Nordic and Outdoor Centre and Alford Ski Centrewhich will continue to operate.

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The only exceptions are Aberdeenshire's two all-weather outdoor ski facilities, Huntly Nordic and Outdoor Centre and Alford Ski Centrewhich will continue to operate. Fishing was carried out from Arbroath for a millennium and the harbour, which was always busy whether the fleet was in or out, cuat a constant draw for me.

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Story with photo Most of the content on this site is created by our users, who are members of the public. Active Schools programmes are also suspended — please contact your local Active Schools Aberdeenshire Coordinator for further details. What a buzz there was about the events in France, even in an area where we felt remote from the war. A front-to-back passage led to an extension at the rear of the house where, down three steep steps, was a kitchen and a bathroom further back.

Childhood memories of world war two

He scared me stiff by wearing his gas mask and making monster noises through the tube connecting the face piece to the filter box, so I avoided him for the rest of his stay! The BBC is not responsible for the content of any external sites referenced. At the foot of the stairs was a portrait on buffalo hide of an acquaintance of Grandfather, Chief Sitting Bull. A cold tap served the copper and water was heated by lighting a fire in the oblong recess beneath.

He took me by bus to Dundee once, showing me over his ship, berthed in the harbour. RAF Edzell air base was inland and nearby was a hospital for burned servicemen who wore light-blue uniforms, white shirts and red neckties and had a friendly disposition towards inquisitive young boys. Uncle Jimmy was a medal-winning bowling green bowler and he and Aunt Jean lived at 8 Carnegie Street and had two children, my cousins Hilda, who died aged 16 inand Scott, five years older than me.

Mum read out some words and Daphne started crying and seemed to cry for days and days. However, seated quite far back, I saw what was coming and spent two frantic minutes under my desk, spitting on my hands and rubbing off evidence of my evil doing with my hanky, so escaping the dreaded tawse. I understood the D Day bit meant lots of soldiers were fighting Germans in a new big battle, but Norman Dye was a boy in my class.

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In the event that you consider anything on this to be in breach of the site's Chag Rulesplease. Although the Second World War caused many shortages, living in north east Scotland had distinct advantages and things like butter, bacon, milk, eggs, beef, lamb, bread, potatoes and vegetables were plentiful. Some of our unrelated friends lived in No. If you are inactive, living with a long-term condition, recovering from illness or injury or simply want to improve your health and wellbeing, Live Life Well Esx can help.

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Lets of community facilities and sports halls will also be suspended, other than where permitted by Government guidance. A few bombs had fallen in coastal Angus and east Fife and had hardly registered, well with me anyway, but after D Day it seemed sunnier, people seemed warmer and friendlier and chatted more, and wore less drab clothing, except of course Granny Brown.

Get support to help you start, or continue, on a journey towards improved health and wellbeing. Even English translation meant nothing, but the concept of representing the year in which we lived, moving up a notch next year and daging on, stayed with me.

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My sticky fingers ensured I still have some ssx them. The arrival of our Leggatt mini-Clan for an uncertain length of stay must have presented worries Granny could well have done without but anyway Daphne slept in the box-room, while Mum and I shared the back bedroom. The West links had a lot of attractions for me, putting, paddling, swings, roundabouts, a penny-in-the slot arcade and the lovely miniature but passenger carrying railway.

Uncle Jimmy said he used to own a car.

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Find out how you can use this. These varied - a Tommy Gun, SMLE rifle, several model military aircraft with Perspex discs for propellers - but fortunately Political Correctness was still decades away. Payments already made by customers will be esx when facilities begin operating again and affected fitness passes will be extended to reflect the unavailability of facilities. For any other comments, please.

In Hinchley Wood our house was semi-detached and in the esx half, No. Sports and leisure facilities and cultural venues across Aberdeenshire will close from 2pm on December 24 until at least January He was good with children generally, amiable and clever with his hands, and he carved and painted toys for me out of spare wood.

Dting Walks from Live Life Aberdeenshire facilities chta under the responsibility of Live Life Aberdeenshire will also cease to operate for the time being. There was no pillow so Mum asked for one and, after my operation, she was getting me ready to leave and we found my pillow was all my street clothes, rolled up and stuffed into a pillowcase. They resembled spears. On the ground floor was a dining room looking onto Addison Place, and a living room at the back with a cast-iron range Granny black-leaded every morning.

Prophets took me on trips by pony and trap, into the Angus glens of Prosen, Doll and Clova, for picnics and walks, contributing to a very happy childhood. With Exzell on military service, Uncle Jimmy Brown was my closest male adult relative.

Joe might have been too old for military service or maybe, as a baker, he was in a protected profession but I always got a warm greeting and sticky bun when I called into his bakery. We also visited Victoria Park, north of the harbour and to me Victoria Park always meant rolling Easter edzelll, and vice versa.

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One day some Burgh workmen cut them edzeol with oxyacetylene torches, leaving just stubs sticking out of the granite. Alternatively, please : active aberdeenshire. Our rented house on Morrison Street had two bedrooms up, a living room, bathroom and kitchen downstairs. My Granny lived at 8 Addison Place. The Prophets I knew best lived at No.

Granny Brown, a widow for many years, had raised four children, William, James, my Mum Isabella, and Elsie, all of whom had married and moved on, only Mum having gone to England. s 50, the Dyers and 52, Mrs Bolton were to the right.