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They referred partly, these instant vibrations, to a past recalled from very far back; fell into a train of association that receded, for its beginning, to the dimness of extreme youth.

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The teams, the carts, the conveyances in their kinds, the sallow, saturnine natives in charge of them, the enclosures, the fences, the gates, the wayside "bits," of hcat sort, so far as these were referable to human attention or human lary, kept telling the tale of the difference made, in a land of long winters, by the suppression of the two great factors of the familiar English landscape, the squire and the parson.

IV Clearly, none the less, there were puzzles and puzzles, and I had almost immediately the amusement of waking 34 up to another--this one of a different order altogether. I say "silent" because the voice of the air had dropped as forever, dropped to a stillness exquisite, day by day, for a pilgrim from a land of stertorous breathing, one of the windiest corners of the world; the leaves of the forest turned, one by one, to crimson and to gold, but never broke off: all to the enhancement of this strange conscious hush of the landscape, which kept one in presence as of a world created, a stage set, a sort of ample capacity 16 constituted, for--well, for things that wouldn't, after all, happen: more the pity for them, and for me and for you.

Never would be such a chance to see how the short-cut works, and if there be really any substitute for 13 The New England Arcadia roundabout experience, for troublesome history, for the long, the immitigable process of time. The help in the matter was that I had not forgotten, either, a small pilgrimage or crostia of far-away earlier years--the sense as of absent things in other summer-times, golden afternoons that referred themselves for their character simply to sandy ro and primitive "farms," crooked 36 inlets of mild sea and, at the richest, large possibilities of worked cranberry-swamp.

The thing now was to catch this note, to keep it in the ear and see, really, how far and how long it would sound. Stay as 42 many hours as you will--and my stay was lday of hours--they don't break down; you trace them into fifty minor titles and dignities, all charming aspects and high refinements of the older New England domestic architecture.

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For what did it offer but the sharp interest of the match everywhere and everlastingly played between the short-cut and the long road? That curiosity held its breath, in truth, for fear of breaking the spell--the spell of the large liberty with which a pair of summer girls and a summer youth, from the hotel, took all nature and all society so far as society was present on the top of the coach into the confidence of 33 The Summer Girls their personal relation.

We went on counting up all the blessings we had, too unthankfully, elsewhere owed to him; we lost ourselves in the intensity of the truth that to compare a simplified social order with a social order in which feudalism had once struck deep was the right way to measure the penetration of feudalism.

I kept tight hold of my temporary clue, the plea of the country's amiability, as I have cdoatia it, its insinuating appeal from too rigorous a doom; but there was a certain strain in this, from day to day, and relief was apparent as soon as the conditions changed. I have too little space, however, as I had then too little time, to pretend to have lifted more than the smallest corner of this particular veil; besides which, if it is of the essence of the land, in these regions, to throw you back, after a little, upon the possible humanities, so it often from the social study, too baffling in many a case, chah you are thrown back upon the land.

The lesson had perhaps to be taught; if the Patron is at every point so out of the picture, the end is none the less not yet of the demonstration, on the part of the figures peopling it, that chah are not to be patronized. The light of the September day was lovely, and the sun of Croayia York rests mostly, with a laziness all its own, on that dull glaze of crimson paint, as thick as on the cheek of the cruder 3 The Immediate New York coquetry, which is, in general, beneath its range, the of the old-fashioned.

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He had put a question, on that occasion, with an expectancy doubtless too crude; he had asked a resident of a large city of the middle West what might be, credibly, the conditions of croattia life "socially" led there. It was, doubtless, open to the repentant absentee to feel these things sweetened by some shy principle of picturesqueness; and I admit that I asked myself, while I considered and bumped, why what was "sauce for the goose" should not be in this case sauce for the gander; and why antique shabbiness cfoatia plead on this particular waterside the cause it more or less successfully ple on so many others.

It was in fact all one participation, with cdoatia effect deterrent to those ingenuities, or perhaps indeed rather to those commonplaces, of conjecture produced in general by the outward show of the fortunate life.

Farmington, as I was presently to learn, is a delightful, a model village; but villages, fords, bridges are not the godparents of the element that makes them possible, they are much rather the godchildren. This renews the vision of the Massachusetts Berkshire--land beyond any other, in America, to-day, as one was much reminded, char leisure on the way to legitimation, of the social idyll, of the workable, the expensively workable, American form of country life; and, in croatka, of a perfect consistency of surrender to the argument of the verdurous vista.

The whole phenomenon xroatia documentary; it started, for the restless analyst, innumerable questions, amid which he felt himself sink beyond his depth. Yet there is no feature of grace the landscape could so ill spare--let alone one's not knowing what other, what baser, promiscuity mightn't oppress the banks if that of the free overgrowth didn't.

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I had come forth for a view of such parts of the condition as might peep out at the hour and on the spot, and it was clearly not going to be 7 The Jersey Shore the restless analyst's own fault if conditions in general, everywhere, should strike him as peculiarly, as almost affectingly, at the mercy of observation. A sordid ugliness and shabbiness hung, inveterately, about the wayside "farms," and all their appurtenances and incidents--above all, about their inmates; when the idea of appearance was anywhere expressed and its highest flights were but in the matter of fresh paint or a swept dooryarda summer person was usually the author of the boon.

Such, for an excited sensibility, are the refinements of personal contact. And here, immediately, was a room vast and vacant, with a vacancy especially reducible, for most of the senses, to the fact of that elimination.

There was a couchant promontory in particular, half bosky with the evergreen boskage of the elegant kakemono, half bare with the bareness of refined, the most refined, New England decoration--a low, hospitable headland projected, as by some water-colourist master of the trick, into a mere brave wash of cobalt. But the strangest link in the chain, and quite the horridest, was this other, of high value to the restless analyst--that, as the "interesting" puts in its note but where it can croqtia where lad will, so the village street and the lonely farm and the hillside cabin became positively richer objects under the smutch of imputation; twitched with a grim effect the thinness of their mantle, shook out of its folds such crudity and levity as they might, and borrowed, for dignity, a shade of the darkness of Cenci-drama, of monstrous legend, of old Greek tragedy, and thus helped themselves out for the story-seeker more patient almost of anything than of flatness.

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If there was no point here at which they had perceptibly begun, there was on the other side of the world no point at which they had perceptibly ceased. The whole spectacle, with the question, opened out, diffusing positively a multitudinous murmur that was in my ears, for some of the more subtly-romantic parts of the drive, as who should say the sweet American vaguenesses, hailed again, the dear old nameless, promiscuous lengths of woodside and watersidelike the collective afternoon hum of invisible insects.

We went on counting up all the blessings we had, too unthankfully, elsewhere owed to him; we lost ourselves in the intensity of the truth that to compare a simplified social order with a social order in which feudalism had once struck deep was the right cbat to measure the penetration of feudalism.

Nothing could be of a livelier interest--with the question of manners always in view--than to note that the most as yet accomplished at such a cost crotaia the air of unmitigated publicity, publicity as a condition, as a doom, from which there could be no appeal; just as in all the topsy-turvy order, the defeated scheme, the misplaced 10 confidence, or whatever one may call it, there was no achieved protection, no constituted mystery of retreat, no saving complexity, not so much as 4299 be represented by a foot of garden wall or a preliminary sketch of interposing shade.

There was a voice in the air, from week to week, a spiritual voice: "Oh, the land's all right!

The subject was everywhere--that was the beauty, that the advantage: it was thrilling, really, to find one's self in presence of a theme to which everything directly contributed, leaving no touch of experience irrelevant. These scenes of old, hard New England effort, defeated croatla the soil and the climate and reclaimed by nature and time--the crumbled, lonely chimney-stack, the overgrown threshold, the dried-up well, the cart-track vague and lost--these seemed the only notes to interfere, in their 15 Chocorua meagreness, with the queer other, the larger, eloquence that one kept reading into the picture.

The indication I here glance at secures for the place in advance, as you measure its detachment across the valley, a positively thrilled attention. It might have threatened, for twenty minutes, to be almost complicating, but the truth was recorded: it was an adventure, unmistakably, to have a revelation made so convenient--to be learning ladh last, in the maturity of one's powers, what New Jersey might "connote.

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There was the little white wooden village, of course, with its houses in queer alignment and its rudely-emphasized meeting-house, in particular, very nearly as unconsecrated as the store or the town pump; but this represented, throughout, the highest tribute to the amenities. What croahia one to say of appearances as they actually prevailed--from the moment, I mean, they were not of the charming order that nature herself could care for?

If it feels itself better than so many of the craotia of its fate, so there are spots where you see it turn up at you, under some familiar tasteless infliction of this order, the plaintive eye of a creature wounded with a poisoned arrow. The names, "Presidential" and other, minister little to the poetry of association; but that, throughout the American scene, is a source of irritation with which the restless analyst has had, from far back, to count.

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Perpetually, inevitably, moreover, as the restless analyst wandered, the eliminated thing par excellence was the thing most absent to sight--and for which, oh! A better expression of the effect of most of this imagery on the mind should really be sought, I think, in its seeming, through its sad consistency, a mere complete negation of 23 The Looseness of Appearances appearances--using the term in the sense of any familiar and customary "care for looks.

The maker of these reflections betook himself at last, in any case, to an expanse of rock by a large bend of the Saco, and lingered there under the infinite charm of the place. The descriptive term is of the simplest, the term that suffices for the whole family when at its best: having spoken of them as "elm-shaded," you have said so much about them that little else remains.