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Mom to their daughter Kristen, and younger son, Tyler. And then two.

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Even so, no one expected the amazing effect of Larissa's testimony. And-- what she was capable of doing to anybody who double-crossed her. This was risky, certainly. Balance of zights, as long as no one rocked the boat. Once, after the split, Larissa sent a young male employee to break into Tim's house and take back items she claimed belonged to her.

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Mary Solis: He allowed her to do what she needed to do by getting off work, coming home, taking care of the kids, making sure they got to their doctor's appointments. He wouldn't do that clovus his mom.

Vince Weibert: We talked to any family member that we could find. Vince Weibert: She said nothing.

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Mary Solis: He didn't just blow things off like that, so. And his thought was that, "Okay, you know, we're both agreeing to go to counseling so there must be a chance that, you know, we can work this out.

In which case, it couldn't be that hard to find him. After that break-in, he even bought a gun. What passion it arouses.

So it was. Vince Weibert: Nothing. Tami Belshay: He was despondent after being laid off from Saint Agnes. James Fagone: It was really caustic--it was--it was fuming and uh and--and you know honestly she was like you know--I was messed up His beloved daughter was gone, the son he adored bounced back and forth through the poisoned air between him and his estranged wife. cuat

Detective Jim Koch drew the asment to check it out. And then Larissa - not terribly useful so far - went home. Save for the tears and recriminations, and the appeal still to come. After all, said attorney Nuttal, there was no physical evidence at all to say that Larissa was the instigator of the murder. Agnes hospital. chaf

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If he made a decision he took responsibility and ability for the decisions he made. Keith Morrison: She said nothing? A man who's going through a divorce-- who's having child custody issues, who may be having financial issues, and now he's laid off from his job and he goes missing that day? But to believe what he had told them so far, the investigators needed some kind of proof, physical evidence.

Defense attorney Peter Jones set out to persuade jurors chhat Fagone hadn't intended to murder Tim. James Fagone: I was kind of messed up and it was kind of scaring me, kinda, you know, worried that she would do something like that. Yes, he confessed, he was there the night Tim vanished. So suicide seemed the most plausible answer. I told Bobby afterwards, "They could believe her. Teen Chat Let's bag your homework.

And the sentence, of course.

Larissa: Larissa LeAyn Schuster. Larissa was miles away. So - was it foul play?

Clovis police department, california

Vince Weibert: I asked him, "What had happened to the stun gun? In fact, said Nuttal, she didn't do it. Roger Nuttall: I thought th-- "That's fantastic. But after five days on the stand, Larissa had made a powerful impression.

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I mean, this was real-- it was really strange. She needed the acid to give the lab's glassware char thorough cleaning. But if there was a star among the bits of circumstantial evidence it would have been Tami Belshay: She had a very tough relationship with Kristin. Judge Ellison: And I'm ordering you committed, Ms.

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A double a type - a smart, demanding boss who succeeded by becoming a workaholic. Surely it wasn't a romance, was it?

And she said that she thought that Larissa Schuster was not guilty at that point. She had already been a little a suspicious when Larissa asked her rent a storage locker the year before, again in her own name We had to go fishing inside sjghts port-a-potty to go ahead and recover the stun gun.