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Automobile chat

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Lost owner's manual? Want to speak to someone about your vehicle?

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Add a name, description, choose the website and preferred departments. Call us: Lost owner's manual? Zobot Capabilities: It can collect visitor details and connect the visitors on your website to the different departments available inside your organization based on the type of problem they're facing.

Display maps for visitors to pick suitable locations for test drives. Want to speak to someone about your vehicle? Set trigger criteria and enable business hours and operator handoff based on your requirements.

You can and you should use the Live Chat function without giving away any additional personal information. Bot flow: How automonile create this bot? To control and ensure the quality of this function, the complete chat IP address, date, time and content will be stored by the Opel Automobile GmbH and its service providers for 7 years.

Schedule test drives for customers who want to buy new cars using Location and Calendar widgets. We're here to help.

Automated service and repair bookings reduce the stress on your staff and ease customer frustration. Display the list of services available. Note: In case we are unable to help you immediately and you ask us that one of our consultants contacts you for further assistance, we might ask you to provide us with additional information, if necessary.