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The following document is concatenated of three letters: the December 26,update letter from Prof. Posted on "Calcalist" on Lins, February 11, The two sides present their versions, and how does all this affect the general arena of the seven research universities? An opinion article by Prof. According to his request, he was brought yesterday to the University of Haifa for a farewell meeting.

Aaron Ben-Zeev, President, and Prof. A post by Prof.

A report posted on Ynet on Wednesday, October 21, Comment: The report 2 above includes a support letter from Prof. Posted by Dr. Read a message from Prof.

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Sent to Prof. Na'ama Sheffi, published in Haaretz daily newspaper on Friday, March 4, The court ruling contains an analysis of the notion of academic freedom.

An opinion article by Mr. An opinion article by Israeli Nobel Laureate Prof.

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Oded Balaban from the University of Haifa, posted on: academia-il listserver. There is room left for variations characteristic to the University, see the table inside the news report.

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Given on January 31,on the question of whether or not, or to what extent, are the deliberations frde appointment committees in the universities privileged.

Gideon Saar, regarding the blow to the academic independence of the universities dated: October 21,ed by Prof. The Rally will be on Wednesday, July 14, from to noon.

Posted on "Calcalist" on Sunday, August 2, Makov, dated May 3, See also the related Editorial on Dr. Dani will be remembered by the academic community in Israel for his devotion to the struggle to protect pine independence and freedom in face of the wave of commercialization of the higher education system. Anyone wanna cuddle and see?

The complaint by Dr. Posted on Ynet on Wednesday, September 19, A report posted on Ynet on Monday, January 12,and a copy of the letter from Prof.

A letter to the Editor by Prof. Read about this unprecedented move.

An explanatory letter from the negotiating team of the Coordinating Council Mo'etza Me'ta'emet of the Senior Faculty Associations in the universities, Dated: July 24, An interview with Ms. A report posted on "Ynet" on Wednesday, June 30, An interview with Prof.

Posted on "Ynet" on Wednesday, April 15, Looking for a shag barrhead - suck it again xxx. Here is the official version of this letter, dated September 25,ed by Prof. June 26, update letter from Prof. An opinion article by Dr.